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Farm & Ranch Herbicides

This page contains a variety of commercial herbicides we carry in stock, each product provides a direct link to the specific reference website or appropriate label.
Honcho Plus®
Post-emergent, systemic herbicide

Non-selective herbicide with active ingredient paraquat

Selective post-emergent herbicide

Dual Magnum®
Selective pre-emergent herbicide

Krovar I DF®
Non-selective pre-emergent herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide with active ingredients fluroxypyr and aminopyralid

Broad-spectrum post-emergent broad leaf herbicide

Trimec Classic®
Broadleaf post-emergent herbicide

Trimec Southern®
Broadleaf herbicide formulated for sensitive southern grasses

Q4 Plus®
Turf herbicide used primarily for control of grassy & broadleaf weeds

Celsius WG®
Broad spectrum, post-emergent herbicide for control of broadleaf and grassy weeds

Aim EC®
Fast acting non-residual herbicide used for broadleaf weeds

Poast Ultra®
Broad range systemic herbicide with a wide window of application

Selective herbicide, controls both yellow and purple nutsedge and many broadleaf weeds

Post-emergent selective turf herbicide, controls yellow and purple nutsedge as well as many broadleaf weeds
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